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The Ice Palace offers the WeSkate Program, certified by the Ice Skating Institute (ISI). It is designed to allow skaters to learn in a fun and stress-free environment.

From Tot to Serious Competitor
Ice Palace offers programs tailored for skaters of all levels, from tots to adults. Our qualified coaching staff teaches in a fun and friendly manner. The program is designed to give the recreational and competitive skater the correct foundations on which to build a lifetime of ice skating enjoyment.

  • Blocks of classes are offered year round in 8 week increments
  • Classes are also offered to adults

Which class is for me? 
Tots - Ages 3-5 who are able to stand on the ice in ice skates unattended.  This class uses a variety of games to teach skating skills.  There are 4 levels in Tots.
Pre-Alpha - For beginning skaters 6 years and older.  This class will teach the basic skills include forward and backward skating, gliding on one foot and stopping.
Adults - Adult classes are mixed levels. We recommend that beginner adults start in the pre-alpha classes.

Download Class Requirements

Classes are 30-minute sessions, one day a week, for 8 weeks. Skate rentals are available at no additional cost. Practice sessions are available on the day of your class (practice times vary with class times). Evaluation of skills will be held on the first and last week of classes. Make-up classes may be made, before the end of the block, on the other days we offer.

The Very First Day
• Helmets are highly recommended for Tot levels.
• Dress warmly and in loose fitting clothes
• Bring Socks
• Mittens or gloves are optional.
• Arrive in the arena at least 20 minutes prior to your class time if you are pre-registered; 30 minutes prior if you are not registered.

Which skates are right for me?

• Wear only one pair of socks.
• Ask to be measured on your first day and remember your boot size for your next class.
• When lacing your skate, be sure it is snug around your ankle with room in the toe area.
• Your skates should be one to two sizes smaller than your shoe size.
• Stand up and bend your knees. You should be able to fit your index finger between your heel and the boot.
• Make sure your skates fit well and are tied properly

Class Times & Dates

Current Session

Block 1: January 11th - March 4, 2017

The cost for the 8 week classes is $120.00.
Additional family members are $108.00 per 8-week classes.

Learn to Skate Schedule:


Figures, Gamma/Delta, Beta


Freestyle 1-3, Alpha


Tots, Pre-Alpha, Hockey 101



Advance Artistry, Beta


Jump and Spin Theory
Adults, Alpha


Tots, Pre-Alpha, Hockey 101



Power Stroking


Intermediate Artistry


Freestyle 1-3
Adults and Alpha


Tots, Pre-Alpha, Hockey 101


Artistry 101
Beginning Artistry
Synchronized Skating


Specialty Classes Offered

Artistry / Theater: Develop your personal creative style. Learn to use props and do improvisation. Learn the new disciplines of Rhythmic Skating (balls / hoops / ribbons) and share your skills in performances in our shows.  This artistry class is not just about skating abilities but also you’re rhythmic skating skills with assigned prop.  Skaters may be able to test up or down depending on these skills. 

Artistry Levels are as followed:

Advance Artistry: FS 5 and above

Intermediate Artistry: FS 2-4

Beginning Artistry: Gamma / Delta – FS 1(Advance Beta level skaters may tryout)

Artistry 101: Entry level class Pre- Alpha – Beta

Figures: This class goes back to the "roots" of figure skating. You will learn edge control and muscle isolations. Having these skills will allow you to execute jumps and spins with quality control. Figures class can help prepare you for the Figures portion of the USFS Moves in the field test. It is preferred that you have some basic knowledge of forward and backward edge before entering this class. Delta Level and above is encouraged to join this class.

**New Class** Jump & Spin Theory: Advance class designed to focus on reinforcing your foundation of basic jump and spins. All skaters will need to have passed the ISI Freestyle 2 level to be enrolled in this class. 

**New Class** Hockey 101: Entry level skating class to help layout a strong foundation by learning basic skating, balance, stick handling skills, and agility needed in ice hockey.  All hockey skaters will need a hockey helmet, mouth guard, hockey gloves, hockey stick, elbow pads and shin pads.  Full equipment is not required for this class. 

Hockey Skating Skills:  Transitional class to allow learn to skate skaters to continue developing skating techniques needed in ice hockey.  Class focuses turns, stops, quick transitions, and agility.  Open to skaters who have passed ISI Gamma level or have passed an evaluation.

Power Stroking: Increase your endurance and strength according to ability level.   Open to skaters who have passed ISI Gamma level or have passed an evaluation.  This is also a great class to pair with the hockey skating skills class.

Synchronized Skating: This class provides the opportunity to work in a "team" environment. Skaters learn to utilize skills that strengthen individual skating, basic technique, footwork, posture, presentation and rhythm.


Tot 1

Proper Way to Fall

Proper Way to Get Up

Marching in Standing Position

Marching While Moving

Tot 2

Two-Foot Jump in Place

Forward Swizzle Standing Still

Single Swizzle

Beginning Two-Foot Glide

Tot 3

Push and Glide Stroking

Preparation for Snowplow Stop


Forward Swizzle

Tot 4

T-Position and Push (Right and Left)

Backward Swizzle

Two-Foot or One-Foot Snowplow Stop

Backward Wiggle


Two-Foot Glide

One-Foot Glide (Right & Left)

Forward Swizzle Backward


Backward Swizzle


Forward Stroking (6)

Forward Crossovers – Right Foot over Left (5)

Forward Crossovers – Left Foot over Right (5)

One-Foot Snowplow Stop


Backward Stroking (6)

Backward Crossovers – Right Foot over Left (5)

Backward Crossovers – Left Foot over Right (5)

T-Stop – Right Foot Outside Edge

T-Stop – Left Foot Outside Edge


Right Forward Outside 3-Turn (One Foot Turn)

Left Forward Outside 3-Turn (One Foot Turn)

Right Forward Inside Open Mohawk Combination

Left Forward Inside Open Mohawk Combination

Hockey Stop


Right Forward Inside 3-Turn (One Foot Turn)

Left Forward Inside 3-Turn (One Foot Turn)

Forward Edges – Forward Outside Edges and Forward Inside Edges

Shoot-the- Duck or Lunge (choice of one)

Bunny Hop

Freestyle 1

Forward Inside Pivot Two-Foot Spin

Forward Arabesque

Backward Edges – Backward Outside Edges and Backward Inside Edges

One-Half Flip

Waltz Jump

Freestyle 2

Ballet Jump

One-Half Toe Walley

One-Half Lutz

One-Foot Spin

Two Forward Arabesques (On either foot – and on either outside or inside edge)

Dance Step Sequence

Freestyle 3

Backward Outside or Backward Inside Pivot

Salchow Jump

Change Foot Spin

Backward Arabesque

Toe Loop Jump or Toe Walley Jump (Choice of One)

Dance Step Sequence