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Safety Rules

  1. All skaters are expected to look in their direction of travel, head up and eyes ahead. Skaters are expected to maintain control and to pay attention to where other skaters are going. Skaters must abide by all posted rules.
  2. A stationary skater being approached by another skater is advised not to move. The moving skater should safely change paths to avoid collision. Sudden, unpredictable movement by the stationary skater could lead to an unsafe situation.
  3. When stroking around the rink, the faster skaters should stay to the outside, and the slower skaters to the inside. No more than two skaters shall be allowed to skate around the rink together side-by-side.
  4. A skater in a spin shall have right of way, regardless of all other rules.
  5. If a fall occurs, the skater must get up as quickly as possible and skate to the boards if necessary. A skater down on the ice is less visible to other skaters and is in no position to avoid a collision.
  6. A skater performing a program to music must wear the skater’s vest or green belt provided by the Ice Palace.
  7. Skaters wearing the orange vest have the first right of way. All skaters and coaches are expected to respect this right, and, to the best of their ability, move out of the approaching skater’s way. This does not give the skater with the vest the right to intimidate others, nor in any other way create an unsafe situation on the ice.
  8. Skaters in a private lesson have the next right of way. If a skater is skating in direct physical contact with a professional, for safety reasons, they have right of way over any skater except a skater with the orange vest.
  9. Unless being performed in a program, all spins must be practiced between the blue lines.
  10. No one is allowed to stand still while away from the boards unless wearing the orange vest and waiting for program music to start. This includes professionals.
  11. Professionals contracting with private lesson students are to insure that the student understands all rules governing sessions.
  12. Everyone is expected to treat others with respect. Language or behaviour, which demeans or intimidates others, is not acceptable. There will be no coaching of any kind or talking through the plexiglass. The Skate School Director or Manager on Duty should be notified of any such offence, and anyone committing such offence may be ruled off the ice or asked to leave.
  13. Should any question arise as to the appropriate session on which a skater should be the Skate School Director would make the final decision.
  14. Skaters are not to enter the ice surface until the Zamboni has finished and the Zamboni doors are closed. Skaters must exit the ice at the end of a session to allow the ice resurface to occur. At no time should a skater attempt to continue skating after the Zamboni has entered the ice.
  15. Props may not be left on the ice surface at any time. If a skater’s program requires use of a prop, he/she must wait until a private lesson when the instructor must remove the prop immediately after use.
  16. Refrain from skating while under the influence of drugs, alcohol or other control impairing substances.
  17. No one is allowed on the ice surface without skates.
  18. Skaters are not allowed to use personal music players of any kind. Instructors using a personal player must be considerate of the skaters using the session player and must keep their volume reasonably low.
  19. It is the responsibility of the skater to retrieve CD’s and all personal items from (including tissues) at the end of each session. The Ice Palace will not be responsible for any personal items. On full sessions tapes will be played in order of the sign-up sheet; walk-ons will be added to the end of the list. Pros may make one request per twenty minutes, but no skater may have more than one pro request per session until all skaters on the session have had the opportunity to play their music. There are no pro requests allowed during a competition week. Skaters who expect to have their music played during a lesson should pull their CD’s from the line
  20. When the music is not fully utilized, skaters may play their CD’s in the order in which they are placed to the side of the player. Any CD’s on the rail will be considered to be in the line. Skater should leave their CD’s with their personal belongings if they do not intend them to be in the line. Pros may place a request in between two regularly scheduled skaters.
  21. Assumption of Risk: By engaging in skating, skaters and spectators are deemed to have knowledge of, and assume the inherent risks of skating, which include but are not limited to the following: injuries that result from collisions or contact with other skaters or individuals who are on the skating surface; and/or injuries that result from falls.
  22. Sessions are set on a time schedule. If you are late for your session there is no make up time available.
  23. The rink has the right to resell unclaimed sessions 10 minutes after the session starting time. If you will be late call the rink to hold your position.
  24. Only skaters and Ice Palace staff are allowed on the “hockey room” side of the rink during sessions. All access to the ice will be through doors on the “hockey room” side of the rink. All other doors are to remain closed throughout the session. Parents should not attempt to talk through the plexiglass.
  25. I give the Ice Palace permission to use my picture and I authorize the use and reproduction of it by you. This includes any and all photographs which you have taken of me for advertising purposes without further compensation to me. All negatives and positives, together with the prints shall constitute your sole property.